In 2016 OpenX had developed and honed the technology in programmatic advertising that made them the largest independent ad exchange. They’d become a premium advertising solution working with some of the biggest brands in the world and they were effective. With this growth came the need for a visual identity to match the quality of their technology and one that felt in line with the level of brands they were partnering with.

Product Illustrations

Programmatic Advertising Technology is complex. To simplify how the user understood the brand and its products we created abstract product illustrations that reinforce what each product does. We used this opportunity to build a cohesive illustration system on the isometric grid to establish an identifiable unified personality in the visual identity.

How we executed our vision throughout OpenX events


Community UI Redesign

As a premium service the way OpenX communicates with its customer is absolutely crucial. One important resource for this communication is the community website, a digital support portal where users can ask questions and suggest features. We completely reskinned the interface of the UI to create a consistent visual experience.

Reinforcing the brand internally for a complete experience.


Marketing Collateral

Design Direction For Motion